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Christ United Methodist Church in Franklin, TNHoly Communion is one of two sacraments in The United Methodist Church, with Baptism being the other. We typically celebrate Communion together as a congregation in both worship services on the first Sunday of each month.


Our practice of Communion is rooted in our understanding of God’s grace. It serves to remind us of what God has already done throughout history and in our lives, to give thanks, and to draw us together as a community of faith who is called to be “one in ministry to all the world.” It is a communal act of worship that sustains and nourishes us on the journey of faith. All are welcome and invited to the Table, regardless of age, church affiliation, or any other status.


The liturgy for Communion is known as the Great Thanksgiving, and we usually sing part of it together. Our typical practice for receiving the Communion elements is a method known as intinction, where the congregation comes forward to four stations to receive a piece of bread, dip it in a chalice of grape juice, and then partake. We invite the congregation to kneel in prayer after receiving and to leave an offering for a specific outreach ministry each month. To make Communion accessible to all, we do offer a station with gluten-free wafers, and we are happy to serve a person in their seat if they have a difficult time coming forward. To learn more about our understanding and practices of Communion, please visit the United Methodist Communion Page. You may also call the church office at 615-790-2112 to speak with a pastor.