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Baptism is one of two sacraments in The United Methodist Church, with Communion being the other. It is always a joy for our congregation to celebrate baptism together in worship.


Our practice of baptism is rooted in our understanding of God’s grace. It is a celebration and claiming of what God has already done in our lives, is doing in our lives, and will do in our lives. It is a communal act of worship and serves as the initiating rite into the Church universal, the family of God. Individuals of any age (including infants) are suitable candidates for baptism because we believe that Christ has opened the Church to “people of all ages, nations, and races.” We accept baptism from any Christian church or denomination and will not rebaptize someone if they have previously been baptized.


Our typical practice for baptism is a method known as sprinkling, where the pastor takes a small amount of water in hand and places it on the individual’s head. We can also arrange for baptism by immersion (going completely under the water) or pouring (using a pitcher of water on the individual’s head). To learn more about our understanding and practices of baptism, please visit the United Methodist Baptism Page. You can also call the church office at 615-790-2112 to speak with a pastor, who would also be happy to set a date and time for baptism to take place.