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Recap of Appalachia Mission Trip

You may have heard of Appalachia Service Project (ASP), a home repair ministry serving the poor making homes “safer, warmer & dryer.” Our youth have taken four trips in the past decade, but during the most recent spring break, we took a group of families from Christ UMC to Jonesville, Virginia, to repair homes. What an awesome experience we had!  Five work crews (including 10 families) split up and installed a shower, ran plumbing lines underneath a house, completed one wheel chair ramp, started another ramp, hung tin underpinning on a trailer home, repaired a deck, severely altered the side of a mountain with a jackhammer, and best of all, we met some amazing families.

This particular trip will always stand out because of how our families worked together. Parents collaborated with their sons and daughters to dig, hammer, shop for supplies, cut, prepare lunches and clean up our mission center. And they enjoyed it! Did I mention we spent time shopping for supplies? We brought the love of Christ (from Christ UMC) and experienced the love of Christ through the families we met and worked with. Last but not least, thank you for supporting our youth ministry by enabling our families to help the needy in Appalachia. Here are a few more thoughts from those who participated:

  • My favorite thing about ASP was seeing what life is outside of the Williamson County bubble and seeing that poverty is in a lot of places.
  • I enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment of our service as a family.
  • My favorite thing was getting to know our homeowner.
  • This trip increased my gratefulness for my life…made me feel more compelled to share my skills and experience to benefit those who need it.
  • Being able to devote 100% of your time and energy alongside other disciples was fulfilling. It helped me lay aside work, obligation, and focus on others.
  • It taught me to trust where God is leading me and my family.