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Mystery Trip Recap

As the summer dawned, we departed on an epic adventure with twenty students and five adults. Traveling through Colorado, Utah, Wyoming & Montana, we were able to taste and see God’s goodness and beauty in creation in magnificent ways. Breathing in the awe and wonder of our Creator helped each of us to pause, re-center and grow in unique ways. No doubt the scenery was breathtaking. But the daily meals and fellowship, devotions and journaling, worship and play poured into our spirits in a way truly uncommon to everyday life.

If you bump into someone who went on the trip, ask them about the view in Moab or the double rainbow in the Tetons, the Avalanche Creek hike in Glacier or the train ride home. Ask him or her about the daily letters from Mom & Dad, Old Faithful or the house we painted. Enjoy the glimmer in their eyes as you listen. Thanks for supporting such an adventure!


By: Mackenzie Fazenbaker

The mystery trip this summer served as the perfect way to take a pause in my life after high school and contemplate my faith journey. Through the group activities, isolation from technology and alone time with God, I was able to look back on my faith and remind myself that God goes before me as I head into college.

One of my favorite things about the trip was the scenery. I read a chapter of the book Love Does while on the trip, that described how nature is God’s way of trying to get our attention and tell us that God created the universe and loves us more than we can imagine. As I looked at all of the sunsets, snow-caped mountains, canyons, and waterfalls we saw out west, I was reminded of God’s power and control in my life, and how He desires to have a relationship with each and every one of us. This provided me peace and comfort as I returned home to begin the next chapter in my life.


Mystery Trip – Evan Moody

Over this mystery trip I found out more about myself then I thought I would, and while I cannot speak for others, I felt as if they too were impacted in a spiritual way. For many months before the trip I had been struggling to understand my own questions about faith and the existence of God. I would even go as far to say that there were times where I didn’t believe there could be anyone watching me from above. If it wasn’t for this trip, I would not have been able to testify to others about where I felt I was in my spiritual walk. I ended up discovering, much to my surprise, that I was not alone. I was able to talk with others who were where I was on my spiritual journey, and those who felt like they had made much progress. In the end, I discovered that my questions concerning the existence of God and who Jesus was did not manifest from any resentment towards the ideas possessed by any Christian person or church. They came from my desire to learn as much as I could about who Christ is to me. Everyone has his or her own ways of connecting with God.