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I Love You Because

This past Christmas, Amy and I were able to exchange some small and simple gifts to one another. One gift in particular has meant more than the others: a plain, black 8×10 picture frame. Exciting, huh! Actually there’s more. It contains a sheet of paper beneath the glass that reads ‘I love you because…’ Just below this statement is a bold, blank line. Using a dry erase marker, we can take turns completing the sentence. [Insert crass joke here.] Yes, it’s a bit sappy.

To be perfectly honest, at first glance, I was a bit underwhelmed. You know how it feels on Christmas morning. There is all this unwrapped potential – you simply can’t tell what kind of fortunes lay there awaiting your feverish, opening excitement. Could it be an ipad? A two month cruise around the world? The fountain of youth?. . . (dramatic pause)

No, it’s a blank picture frame.

Granted, this was creative, and it took a little effort. But with all the latest technology, I get an ongoing assignment to think of ways to tell my wife how much I love her – just my luck! Now that a month has passed, I can honestly say it’s one of the best gifts I have ever received.

Everyone enjoys hearing they are loved. And sometimes having a frame of reference provides a deeper assurance. You are doing the right things. For example: I love you because… you took out the trash; you spend time with our children even when you’re tired; you cooked dinner; you did the grocery shopping; you filled up my car with gas. There are thousands of ways to finish the sentence.

What if God had one of these message boards? What would it say? “I love you because: you served food to the homeless; you only cussed twice today; you gave ten percent; you called your mother-in-law to wish her luck in surgery.” NO. The refreshing truth is that God loves us without condition. God’s message board would be more apt to say,

I love you because…
you are mine.
I know you.
I created you.
I understand your pain.
I know why you feel so alone.
I said I would.
I am love.

Remember, God loves you today and every day, for no reason at all. And there’s nothing we can ever do to change that. Spread the word; we all need to be reminded.