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Orbit Youth Camp 2018

Life is a grand journey, a great adventure with incredible twists and turns. And it’s nearly impossible to know what’s coming our way. But no matter what, we can experience an inexplicable joy if we capture a glimpse of what God’s purpose is for our lives. The world is better off when we tap into gifts God designed specifically for us. Come to camp and listen for God’s calling, discover unique gifts and maybe even a way to use them. The great adventure is beckoning; don’t let it pass you by!!


Signups are now closed for this event.


Ocoee Retreat Center:  www.ocoeeretreatcenter.com


Arrive at Christ UMC on Wednesday, June 27th by 9am. We’ll have students home by 12 noon on Sunday July 1st.


Trip includes: meals; transportation; lodging; t-shirt; sports, activities and rafting; programming; slip n’ slides; fireflies; S’mores; and God sightings.


Please contact Katie or Paul for information or with quesitons.