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Leadership in the church takes many different forms. Our pastors are set aside by the Church to provide servant leadership and order the life of the church. Other staff  members are hired to provide leadership and support to various areas of ministry. We serve an important role within the church, and I don’t want to diminish what we do, but the real key, in my estimation, to the health and vitality of a congregation is the shared ministry and leadership of the laity, the church members.

Most of the things that we do as a church would completely fall apart without the dedication and leadership of you! Sure, the staff could probably still manage to put together a decent worship service, but we would miss out on so much without the leadership of the choirs and other musicians, the scripture readers, the children’s sermon, the ministry moment, the greeters and the ushers. Nancy, Paul and Doug could still design some great ministries for our young people, but without volunteers to teach, to lead and to mentor, the programs would crumble. Our Outreach ministries are almost entirely led by church members. The list could go on and on. We have such an amazing, talented, gifted and generous congregation. Thank you for your willingness to share and lead in ministry together!

One of the other ways that you can lead and share ministry in the church is through the administration of the church. Like it or not, the church is a big organization with lots of moving parts, and it requires the work of many to keep it running smoothly. Each year in the fall, the Lay Leadership Development Team does its primary work of seeking to discern who God is calling and equipping to serve in many of these administrative leadership positions. We have already begun our work looking toward 2014, and at charge conference on October 9 we will present a list of nominations for the various positions.

Administrative Council – the governing body of the church to which all these other groups are amenable.

Trustees – legal agents of the church who can enter into binding contracts and who deal with all matters related to our building and grounds.

Finance Committee – group who oversees the budget and spending of the church as well as setting the financial policies and procedures.

Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) – group who deals with all personnel matters, including consultation on the appointment of pastors.

Lay Leadership Development Committee – group who nominates individuals to serve in various leadership capacities and provides resources and support for them.

In addition to these administrative committees, we have multiple ministry teams that are always looking for more folks to be involved: Children’s Ministry, Communications, Congregational Care, Older Adults, Outreach, Spiritual Formation, Youth Ministry and the forthcoming Inviting Ministries.

If you are interested in serving the church in any of these capacities, either next year or down the road, or simply want to know more about the polity of our church or other ways to get involved, please contact me. I would be thrilled to talk with you more. May God continue to bless our common work together!