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Spiritual Gifts Retreat

Well, I just have to say that I so enjoyed the Spiritual Gifts Retreat at St. Mary’s in Monteagle. I have thought about going for many years, but always put it off or just plain failed to get it together to sign up in time. I’m so glad I followed through this year. I was a little anxious about what it would be like, whom I’d be with and how much I’d have to share. Everyone who went was kind, open to sharing, and very respectful of not pressuring anyone into opening up more than they might have been comfortable doing.

It was a beautiful setting and the staff at St. Mary’s were great…as well as the food! We followed a focused curriculum, yet had time to get to know each other and ourselves a little bit better. It was good to learn how others see our spiritual gifts and either confirm what we thought or see the possibility of other gifts we weren’t sure we might have or not have. I felt “at home” and loved among the group, just as I do here at Christ UMC. We are blessed with a caring church and dedicated members.

So if you’ve been thinking of attending the Spiritual Gifts Retreat, then don’t put it off like me for several years – – – just sign up for next year! It is well worth the time. I learned from my 91-year-old roommate…”We all need just a little bit more steam to make it through,” and the love and encouragement I received, and hopefully gave, helped me to strengthen my faith and feel God’s love!

~Charlotte Owen