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Celebration of God’s Creation Day  – Sunday, April 22

Live music and fun outdoor activities for all ages!

– Sponsored by the Creation Care Committee



Join us in the pavilion for a picnic lunch, with a challenge to have fellowship and a meal with nothing left over but good memories!


Zero waste = nothing disposable …pack your lunch in reusable containers, bring utensils, plates and cups from home and take them home to wash and use again.


For those wanting to take the “zero waste” challenge, we’ll be giving out prizes for:

1 . Classiest zero waste packed lunch

  1. Zero waste lunch feeding the most people
  2. Best zero waste lunch packed by someone under the age of 18


We will have sandwich wraps available, so even if you don’t pack lunch, please plan to come and join the fun!


Celebrate the many wonderful aspects of God’s Creation and learn about ways we can be better care givers for the environment.

Casual attire (shorts, tee shirts, sandals or tennis shoes) so that congregants can get outside and enjoy the earth day celebration.


Children’s Activities – Noon Gathering Near the Pavilion:


  1. Making Ecologically Friendly Bird Feeders:  The Creation Care team will have work table for children to make a bird feeder from a pine cone.  The team will provide pine cones, bio-friendly sticking agent and bird seed mix which doesn’t contain peanuts which the children can use to make their own bird feeders.  Small bags will be provided to carry feeders home.  Additionally, the team will have an example of a bird feeder which can be made from a paper orange juice container that congregants can learn how to make at home.


  1. Make a Pin Wheel:  Materials will be provide to make a simple pin wheel using twigs and recycled paper which the child can cut and then create their own pin wheel.  Children will be encourage to play with them during the noon gathering.


  1. Bubble Blower:  The top part of a plastic water bottle which is pre-cut by the team will be used as a bubble blower.  The children can then dip the top part of the bottle and dip it in a solution (likely soap, water and some glycerine which we can make) to blow bubbles in the field near the pavilion.


  1. Explore What is in Rocks:  This would be an activity led by LeNoir’s sister-in-law.  She has a set of rocks she can show to children in normal light and then under a black light to help them learn about what actually makes up the rocks we see every day.


  1. Other Activities:  Congregants are encouraged to bring things like soccer balls, frisbees or other things for adults and children to play in the field near the pavilion.


Food and Music – Noon Gathering Near the Pavilion:


  1. The church will provide a “wrap” using a flour or corn tortilla with a chicken or vegetable center.  A paper will be used contain the “wrap” since it tends to keep the sandwich together.  The paper can probably be a recyclable material.  The church will also provide glasses and a container holding water and other drinks (lemonade and tea probably) to drink with their lunch and which will be washed afterward along with any utensils.


  1. Members of the congregation will be encouraged to bring additional “picnic” type of foods to supplement the basic food from the church.  Those doing this would be encourage to follow the “zero waste” theme and use plastic containers and utensils that they can take home and wash/reuse.  The Creation Care/Green Team will offer a “Zero Waste Challenge” for anyone bringing their own food and offer prizes for the members of the congregation who do the best at minimizing waste with their packed lunch.


  1.  Music will be provided.  Details about who the musicians will be will be provided in the next week to ten days.


Note:  If there is inclement weather for the noon event, we will move things indoors into the old sanctuary.


Goal: All activities have “Zero Waste”, ie; use or repurpose existing materials as much as possible, and any waste generated will either be recyclable or compostable.