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In the book of Acts we see the earliest believers being shaped into a community. We get a glimpse of what life was like in the earliest days of the church. One of the things we learn about their life together was that they shared a lot of meals. Acts 2:46 says, “Day by day, as they spent much time together in the temple, they broke bread from house to house and ate their food with glad and generous hearts.” So it wasn’t we Methodists who invented the church potluck dinner. Eating together has always been important to Christians!

Table fellowship. There is something important that happens when Christians break bread together. Jesus said that whenever we break bread together, we remember him. He is among us and present at our table. Sharing a meal together is more than just passing around bowls of green beans and mashed potatoes and talking about the weather. In fact, it’s not really about the food. It’s, dare I say it, about relationship. When we share food, we share stories and experiences. We open our lives to each other. We become vulnerable. We offer ourselves.

Our congregation gathers around tables regularly throughout the year. We have meals on the All Church Retreat. We gather for the Youth Dinner Theater. We have Brunch and Carols on the Sunday before Christmas. And every Wednesday night during the school year, we gather around tables for supper. Granted, many who come on Wednesday nights dash in after a full day’s work at home or at the office. And many are rushing on to choir or to Bible study or to children’s choirs. The meal often feels rushed and hectic, but in that space of 45 minutes there is an opportunity for relationship and it is deeply valuable to our life together. I’m repeatedly amazed at what the Holy Spirit does around the tables as we gather each week.

It is easy for many of us to take this meal for granted. This past year we went through a transition, as Doug Fuqua stepped back from cooking in order to focus more of his time and energy on youth ministry. During the fall we had a local restaurant providing the food, and then the fabulous Trish Kaberle stepped up to become our new chef.

I think all of us love having a member of our own faith community who prepares the meal. What we may not realize, however, is how much work it takes to set up, cook, and clean up after every Wednesday meal. Trish, Brad Major and Mike Deweese carried a heavy load this winter and spring in order to feed all of us who gather on Wednesday nights. And that needs to change.

WE NEED YOU! Please help! We need to fully staff two crews each week: a prep crew and a clean-up crew. Trish needs a few regular volunteers to help prepare the food on Wednesday afternoons. Brad needs help cleaning up each week starting at 6:15. If you could help once every six weeks, that would be great! It takes a village, y’all! We can’t do it without you!

Wednesday night supper is a “family meal,” and by that I mean “church family.” And all of us members of the family need to participate and help. It is such an important ministry in our faith community. In fact, serving at the table was one of the first ministries to which people were called in the book of Acts. And the example was set by Jesus himself, who broke bread and shared it—and himself—with others.