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Who We Are

Jesus Christ is at the center of every congregation. Every church is called to love God and neighbor in all that we do. But what makes Christ UMC unique?

It may help to know who we are NOT. We are not a pastor- or a staff-centered church. We are not a program-centered church. We are not a performance-centered church. We are not people who try to “have it all together” or to look good on Sunday mornings.

No, above all, we are about relationships—with Christ, with one another and with God’s hurting world.

We understand that our relationship with God through Jesus Christ is the most important relationship in our lives. But that relationship is never just a private matter. We are on a journey together, and we can share our experiences, our doubts, our questions and our faith with each other. No one in this congregation is an “expert Christian.” Not the pastors or the leaders or the long-time members. We are all in this together.


Our relationships with one another are vital to who we are. But being in “relationship with one another” doesn’t just mean that we enjoy hanging out together. Our relationships are meant to be more than social circles. We are called to be in deep, spiritual and authentic relationship with other believers. We encourage everyone, visitors and members alike, to be real. We come with our faith and with our doubt, with our wholeness and our brokenness, with our gifts and with our needs. We are not perfect, but we try to practice forgiveness and compassion, openness and inclusiveness, and genuine love in all that we do.

As a congregation we are committed to being in relationship with God’s hurting world. This congregation is deeply involved in mission with the poor, the outcast, the sick and the needy throughout our community and the world. From the local prison to Nicaragua, we believe that we meet Christ in all people and can experience the love of Christ in a special way if we spend time with the poor and marginalized.