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The Cox Family

PicMeet the Cox Family! Matthew and Aimee both grew up in Johnson City, Tennessee in the northeastern part of the state. They dated all through college and got married…and eight months later, Matt’s job brought them to Middle Tennessee. Aimee says she came kicking and screaming, but guess what? They love it here!

The Coxes have three daughters – Mattilda, Alice and Emmylou. Needless to say, this busy family doesn’t have a lot of spare time, but they love playing outside, having family movie and game nights, reading and evidently Matt likes to smoke various meats whenever he can. Matt works for MedAssets as a senior consultant and Aimee is a stay-at-home mom. Aimee shares this about their daughters – Mattilda is curious and loves learning new things, while Alice is just ten months younger and very sweet, caring and sunny. Then, there’s baby Emmylou who was a surprise, but as Aimee says, “God had other plans!”

But wait – there’s more! There’s another member of this family – Linda Fellers, Aimee’s mom. Also known as Grammy, Linda is a retired teacher (38 years, mostly teaching first grade) and a charter member of Wesley Memorial UMC in Johnson City. Linda recently joined Christ UMC as an affiliate member and splits her time between her daughter’s home and her home in Johnson City. Aimee hopes that her mom will sell her house in Johnson City and make Franklin her permanent home. Linda loves reading, crossword puzzles and Skittles (who doesn’t?)…plus her three precious granddaughters. Maybe we can all help Aimee and Matt talk her into staying here forever!

So, what brought this sweet family to Christ UMC? Well, honestly it was a Google search…but once they visited for a bit, they decided they had to join. Aimee had grown up Methodist, in a church that her own grandfather helped start. Matt was raised Southern Baptist. Both Aimee and Matt were very active in church, and once they started dating, Matt attended church with Aimee. They participated in the high school and college Walks to Emmaus, which they both say was a truly awesome experience.

When they moved here, they felt a little lost until they found their new church home at Christ UMC. They love the sense of family, feel they belong and have found many friendships at this church. They are both active in their Sunday School class. Aimee’s in the handbell choir, on the Children’s ministry team, bakes for SMILES and does the monthly birthday cards. Matt has participated in Room In the Inn, organized Habitat builds with friends and co-workers and plugs in whenever he can.

What does “It’s About Relationships” mean to you?
Aimee shares, “Our children LOVE church! On Sunday evenings they want to know how many nights until Wednesday comes so they can go back to church again. We, of course, stress the importance of church with them but most of this love has come from the relationships they have made with church members, Sunday school teachers, and our pastors. They have learned so much about God, how to love others and to understand other’s differences. They see the examples of “relationships” and want to establish them on their own. My children have made lots of friends, both children and adults. They feel valued when other adults care to ask them about what is going on in their lives and when our pastors listen to their stories, even when they rattle on and on and on…These simple acts of love and kindness are teaching them so much about being disciples. Our daughter Alice has been inviting all of her friends and teachers from school to Christ UMC. One of her teachers asked how to get here and Alice said, “Just get in my mommy’s van. We go every Sunday and Wednesday.” By showing our children this message they have learned and we have seen that Christ is the most important relationship we have.”