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Stacey and Greg Hagewood

Hagewood-pageMarried since 1994, Stacey and Greg Hagewood have attended Christ UMC since 1996 when Stacey was expecting their first child, Sam. After a couple of years, they joined Christ UMC when Sam was baptized. Ben was born and baptized in 1999 and now both boys are active in Orbit youth group activities.

Stacey and Greg grew up attending church and remember their faith inspirations. Stacey’s faith was greatly influenced by her youth group leader and music minister at First Baptist Church in Athens, Tennessee. She was involved in youth group, choir, handbells, mission trips. Through all of her time in church, she admits her journey in faith has been up and down, but she knows that Christ is always there waiting for her. Stacey has been a children’s Sunday School teacher, part of a Companions in Christ group, sings in the choir, is involved with the prison ministry and The Bethlehem Centers of Nashville.  Stacey works for a cable network in Creative Services.

Greg grew up in Ashland City, Tennessee, and fondly remembers his grandparents’ Christian influence in his life, singing old hymns and attending worship. Greg has volunteered for Habitat for Humanity builds, the Orbit youth group and Graceworks. In fact, he and Stacey are currently the Christ UMC Graceworks partners.  He loves getting to spend time with his sons, especially playing music. Greg and Sam play guitar and Ben is getting pretty good on the drums. Greg works for Savant Learning Systems.

What do you do in your spare time?
Stacey: Read, watch television, volunteer
Greg: Skateboard, ride my Harley and play the guitar as loudly as possible.
Sam: Play the guitar (for fun and in the youth praise band), play basketball, video games, and hang out with friends
Ben: play video games, play drums, ride my bike, play airsoft and board games

What does your family like best about Christ UMC?
Christ UMC provides many opportunities to learn and grow as a Christian. There are so many different Sunday School classes, led by amazing and knowledgeable teachers. The music programs are excellent and there are wonderful opportunities for children to grow and learn more about the teachings of Jesus and how to apply those lessons to their lives. And, the ministry opportunities are endless, wonderful and enriching. We love it here!

What does “We Are About Relationships” mean to you?
By getting more involved at Christ UMC, especially in the last few years, the Hagewood family has developed their church family with connections not only to the church, but also to the community and the world. As Stacey said, “Getting more ‘plugged in’ through the wonderful ministry opportunities Christ UMC offers has certainly helped us work toward a more Christ-centered life. We value the relationships we’ve developed through our time here and know that the church has touched our lives and made our faith a richer experience.”