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Scott and Carrie Gerow

Christ United Methodist Church in Franklin, TNScott and Carrie Gerow grew up in Florida, but both found Nashville as the perfect place to flourish in their respective branches of the arts. They moved to the area when Carrie took a position to dance with Nashville Ballet, and Scott soon got a position at a local recording studio while finishing his Master’s Degree in Composition from MTSU. Today, Scott is a professional producer, musician, composer/songwriter and owner of Battery Lane Music. Carrie is a professional dancer and teaches at the School of Nashville Ballet and Belmont University. Fortunately for Christ UMC, both have put their talents to work in the services and media productions of the church!

They have been married since 2003 and were married at Christ UMC. Between the time when they met in South Florida and when they moved to Tennessee, they also lived in Vienna, Austria, where Scott studied music composition and arranging. They currently live in Nashville with their obsessively loving dog, Jack.

In their spare time, both Carrie and Scott enjoy supporting the community of artists in Nashville by going to see musician, dance and theater performances and to visual artists’ showings. They also enjoy nature and the outdoors through everything from camping to hiking to kayaking to even skydiving!

It was Carrie’s initial love of the church’s architecture that prompted them to get married at Christ UMC; however, after they attended the church worship service and felt the love that everyone had for one another and for serving the community, they quickly wanted to become part of the church family and became members in 2002. Today, you’ll often see them involved in the music and children’s ministries and serving with Room in the Inn.

What makes Christ UMC unique?
Christ UMC represents a place where all are truly welcome. It’s unfortunate that this is often unique in religious institutions; however, the people at Christ UMC live, through their actions, the statement that “all are welcome to the table.” We have never felt judged or that our ideas, no matter how similar or different, where not welcomed or heard. The people at Christ UMC are always striving to be more loving and to understand Jesus’s teaching in a more deep and meaningful way, while understanding that no one person has all the answers. They live out the idea that it takes relationships to help challenge each other to grow together. There’s always something new and different to discover at Christ UMC, and space is made for different styles of music, types of worship, and theological ideas that may be outside of each other’s comfort zones.

What does “We Are About Relationships” mean to you?
It means challenging each other to be better people, helping each other to discover each person’s place in the universe, and ministering to and welcoming those in need while growing together as a family in a broken world.