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Nancy Edmunds

Nancy Edmunds loves music. Maybe that’s why she’s been part of a church choir since she was five years old. She grew up in “the church,” worshipping in a variety of denominations. Her most meaningful spiritual experiences have revolved around music ministries. As a member of Christ UMC’s Celebration Singers for many years, Nancy is reminded weekly by Anne Hook, Minister of Music, that the singing is not a performance, rather an offering of praise and thanksgiving to God and with the congregation.

Nancy grew up in Birmingham, AL, and has been married to her husband Dave for 40 years. Their daughter, Emily died in 2006 at the age of 27 from complications of Rett Syndrome.Nancy is a proud grandmother to Katherine and Lydia, daughters of son, Bryan and his wife, Barbara. Since Bryan is active duty Air Force, Nancy and Dave enjoy traveling to visit the family wherever they are stationed.

What brought you to Christ UMC?
We were looking for a church home and heard about a new congregation meeting at the Baptist Children’s Home. We visited once and were hooked. That was 22 years ago, and in that time we’ve been involved in a number of ministries and activities including Room in the Inn, Building Lives, Congregational Care Committee, Choir, Bethlehem Center, Adopt-A-Grandparent, Disciple and Women’s Bible Study, All Church Retreat, Spiritual Gifts Retreat and Confirmation.

What makes Christ UMC unique?
We come together as individuals, each on our own journey, all with our own challenges and blessings. As we hold each other up in love and grace, we become a congregation of fellow believers in Christ Jesus. Every pastor that has been appointed to Christ UMC has brought and shared their unique gifts and our church has been enriched through all of them. This congregation is truly a family to me; you have studied and worshiped with me, rejoiced and cried with me, prayed with and supported me. We are on a continuous spiritual journey together.

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