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Keith and Sue Geier

Keith and Sue Geier met in 2004 and were married in 2006. He had been a Christ UMC member since 1997. After Sue joined the church they joined the Acts 2 Sunday School class. They remain active at Christ UMC in a number of roles including Communion stewards, Confirmation mentors, as well as volunteering with Room in the Inn, Smiles ministry, and Community Care Fellowship. Currently, Keith is an usher and serves on Administrative Council. Through their involvement with these groups and ministries, they have developed deeper personal relationships with each other, with God, and with our faith community at Christ UMC.

Keith, who grew up in Olney, Illinois, is an operations manager with Ryder Trucks and enjoys gardening and home renovation. Sue was born and lived in Grenada, Mississippi, until she was 10 years old and then moved with her family to Nashville. She is an accounting assistant and likes reading and theater. They are a blended family; they each have two children from their first marriages. They are 23, 26, 27 and 31. They live in Nashville, Johnson City, Cherokee, NC, and New York City.

Tell us about your faith journey
Keith: I grew up in southern Illinois and my parents were raised Catholic. When I was very young, they divorced and I was raised by my mother. I do not have childhood memories of church participation. When my son Geoff was born, we chose to participate in church to give our children exposure to Christian beliefs. We joined a United Methodist Church in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and became active in youth ministry, and I attended several Disciple Bible Studies. In 1996, I was transferred to Nashville, and we joined Christ UMC.
Sue: I grew up in Grenada, Mississippi, and Nashville. My father and both grandfathers were Methodist ministers. My favorite early memories include children’s choir, Vacation Bible School, and youth retreats/trips. I attended Millsaps College, a United Methodist college in Jackson, Mississippi. I was practicing my independence during those years and was not an active participant in a church. When I married and had children, we began to attend Sunday School and church again. I taught Sunday School and VBS, coordinated programs and served on several committees. My marriage ended in my 40s. I began attending Disciple Bible Studies, and developed a deeper understanding of the Bible and God.

What do you like best about Christ UMC?
The active involvement of such a high percentage of members.

What does “We Are About Relationships” mean to you?
Our church is an active Christian community. As a group we can accomplish more than we can individually. This church is about relationships with fellow Christians as well as our relationships with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.