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John and Beth Kitson

Christ United Methodist Church in Franklin, TNJohn and Beth Kitson have an ample supply of X chromosomes in their family. With three grown daughters, two granddaughters, and two more grandchildren on the way in 2012 (one is a girl), they have a lot of joy (and pink) in their lives. As a profession, John trains insurance agents across the country. In his spare time, enjoys home repair/remodeling, walking, reading, camping and getting together with friends. Beth, an office manager for an HR consulting firm, likes walking, reading, camping, traveling, and volunteering at the church.

Both from Minneapolis, Minnesota, the couple moved here for John’s career. They chose Christ UMC as their new church home after doing a little church shopping. “It was fun to visit lots of churches in the Franklin/Brentwood area. We eventually narrowed it down to two churches – one very large church with lots of programs and Christ UMC, the Relationship Place.” The Kitsons joined Christ UMC on its 5th anniversary. They chose Christ UMC because they missed their family and friends from home and looked forward to making new and meaningful relationships here. Twenty years later, they remain active in the life of church through choir, Stephen Ministry, Wednesday Night Together, Community Care Fellowship, and Habitat for Humanity. What they like best about Christ UMC are the friendships that have gotten them through some very happy times and also some rough times.

Tell us about your faith journey?
Beth: I grew up in a Methodist church. Our regularity was off and on, however, I was confirmed. We had a “fire and brimstone” preacher who yelled a lot and kind of scared me – not a very warm and fuzzy start to my faith journey.
John: I grew up in The Episcopal Church and joined a United Methodist Church in Duluth, Minnesota, while attending college. It was the closest church that did not require a car (since I did not have one). When I told my father that I was switching to a United Methodist Church his only words were, “I don’t care where you go, as long as you go.” We were married in Beth’s home church and kept our membership there until we moved to Tennessee.

What makes Christ UMC unique?
Relationships. When we first visited Christ UMC, a member called us. She didn’t ask us to join the church – she knew that we had moved from far away, so she asked us if we had found a doctor, a barber, whatever we needed. We were taken aback – she knew our needs (she had also moved from elsewhere), and she had called to HELP us!

Additionally, the pastoral staff here is Number One – best ever! They have helped us through death, marriages, and they’ve been there for us when we needed them.

What does “We Are About Relationships” mean to you?
Serving others – reaching out – helping each other. As John’s mother Grace always said, “What goes ‘round, comes ‘round.”