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Higgins Family

Christ United Methodist Church in Franklin, TNMeet the Higgins family, Chip and Barbara and their three kids: Chris and Kevin, college students, and Laura, a middle-schooler. Chip, Senior Vice President at Pinnacle Partners and Founding Partner with the John Maxwell team of coaches and trainers, grew up in Boston, MA and later Winston-Salem, NC. Barbara, a registered nurse, grew up in Paducah, KY. Both moved to the area after college, when Chip joined the training program at First American National Bank, and Barbara entered nursing school at Aquinas Junior College and then started working at St. Thomas Hospital.

The Higgins love spending time together, but they each also have their own set of interests. Laura is becoming quite the baker! She also plays the French horn and piano. Kevin is studying journalism and electronic media and played the tuba/sousaphone in high school. Chris is studying political science and history and enjoys playing golf and the drums. Barbara enjoys hiking, reading, and listening to music, and Chip enjoys golf, landscaping, and writing.

Life often revolves around the kids in a family of five, and that’s how the Higgins came to Christ UMC. In 2008, the Higgins were looking for a church. Laura attended the children’s Choir Camp, and, as they report, the whole family “fell in love with the spirit of Christ UMC.”

Since then, the Higgins have become involved in the life of the church in many ways. Chip is a small group leader with the Orbit youth group, chairs the finance committee, and is a confirmation mentor. Barbara attends the Women’s Bible Study, is on the Staff Parish Relations Committee, and is co-chair of the alternative gift fair. In addition, Chip volunteers with the Community Resource Center, and Barbara volunteers with Open Table Nashville. Kevin recently graduated from the Orbit Youth Group, while Laura just moved into it after being involved in the children’s ministry.

What do you like best about Christ UMC?
Christ UMC is a wonderful community of friends that are on a faith journey together, loving and supporting each other as we seek to be followers of Christ.

What does “It’s About Relationships” mean to you?
It’s our way of living out Christ’s command to love God and love others.