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Heather Goodman

Christ United Methodist Church in Franklin, TNHeather Goodman grew up in the Nashville area. When she moved back after being gone more than twenty years, she naturally began attending the church of her childhood. But it wasn’t quite the same…so the search for a new church home for her and her son began. That search led her to Christ United Methodist in 2009 and it’s been home ever since. A marketing professional, Heather enjoys spending time with her young son Carl, working in the garden and exercising.

What do you like best about Christ UMC?
I like the size of the church membership; not too big, not too small. I also like the diverse interests and activities of all the members. There is something for everyone.

Tell us about your faith journey?
As a child I had trouble sitting still and being quiet in church. I never could understand what the preacher was talking about and why it was important to go to church every Sunday. As I got a bit older, my home church, Brentwood United Methodist Church, was appointed a new pastor, Rev. Bob Spain. When he preached, it was easier for me to understand him because it was like he was just telling a story. He made the sermons feel real and personal. He was later appointed to the Bishop role, but I still remember him and how he made church fun for me growing up.

What makes Christ UMC unique?
The people. When I had shoulder surgery in 2010, my Sunday School class took turns bringing me meals. It was so nice to have some friends that really took care of me while my arm was in a sling. Thank you for being there for me.

What does “We Are About Relationships” mean to you?
When I first moved back to Nashville, I did not want to attend a mega-church like the one I grew up as a child. Instead, I wanted to find a smaller church where I could grow and meet new people without feeling swallowed up. As a result, I have made some wonderful friends that I enjoy seeing both inside and outside of church.