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Bonn Family

Christ United Methodist Church in Franklin, TNThe Bonn Family – Danny and Debbie and their three kids, Ashley, Corey and Miles – are grateful to have found their way to Christ UMC. Danny grew up in Nashville and was raised in a Catholic church, while Debbie moved all over the country as a child through her dad’s service in the military and grew up Southern Baptist. They got married in 1992 and chose to attend a United Methodist church to blend what they liked best about their own church backgrounds. They have always found The United Methodist Church to be accepting of others, and they especially found that to be true at Christ UMC.

The Bonns moved away from the area for a while but were thrilled to move back to Middle Tennessee when Danny had a job change. They visited several churches in the area, and none felt like home until one of their neighbors suggested Christ UMC. They knew that it was where they belonged when they first visited. They made their love and commitment official by becoming members in 2006.

Danny works as an administrative director at Vanderbilt, and Debbie works as a professional organizer at Puka. In their spare time, Danny loves cycling, kayaking, hiking and woodworking, and Debbie enjoys being active with the family and painting. They also love being involved as a family in the ministries of Christ UMC, including Habitat for Humanity, Nicaragua Project (Danny went on the Nicaragua mission trip in 2006, and returned with Ashley in 2011), and the children’s and youth ministries. Ashley and Corey have been involved in the Orbit youth group through numerous mission trips and service projects, and Miles enjoys being part of the Children’s Ministry activities.

What do you like best about Christ UMC?
We are focused on nurturing relationships of all kinds. Christ UMC is focused on expanding your walk with Christ involving the relationships you have made.

What does “We Are About Relationships” mean to you?
Relationships are a part of our whole life, from the way we raise our kids to how we do our week to how we are at home as well as church.