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Christ United Methodist Church in Franklin, TNThere are many ways to serve and lead at Christ UMC. We believe that, when we are baptized, each one of us is called into ministry. We all have different gifts and different ways of serving, and these can change in different seasons of our lives.

Some sing in the choir. Some teach children and youth. Some serve food at a homeless shelter. Some visit the prisons. Some organize and coordinate the ministries of the church. All ministry, whether it is “grand scale” for all to see or quiet and behind the scenes, is important in the eyes of God.

While we are all called to ministries of love in the world, many of us are called at times to serve in a role of leadership within the congregation. That may mean anything from serving as a Trustee to being a member of the Spiritual Formation Committee.

Each fall, the Lay Leadership Team enters into a season of prayer and discernment before nominating members of the congregation to serve in leadership roles. This team seeks God’s leading and is always looking to involve a diversity of people. If you are interested in serving in a leadership role, please contact Rev. John Hill to express your interest. You can also view our 2015 Leadership Roster. Each year, the elected leadership gathers with the church staff for a day apart known as the Leadership Retreat.

One of the things we emphasize is that you don’t have to be a long-time member in order to serve. Even if you are new to the congregation, God may be calling you into a leadership role.

We also believe that it’s okay to say “No.” We do not serve out of guilt or obligation or simply because someone asked. We work together to discern whom God is calling for leadership roles, and if a person doesn’t feel called to that role, that’s okay! We trust that God is calling someone else.

The Apostle Paul tells us that the church is the body of Christ. We believe that God weaves together the spiritual gifts of this congregation so that we can love God and love our neighbors in all that we do.